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Digisky Exposure Meter

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1. Ergonomic design highly practical one-hand operation, function selectionvia the diffuser ring, easy, intuitive navigation and menu settings with the ringcontroller and just a few keys. 2. Brilliant display large TFT color graphic display with excellent legibility evenin the dark, clear-cut menu structure and complete information at a glance. 3. Multilingual operation menu language can be switched to German or English. 4. Comprehensive metering methods incident and reflected light measurementwith spherical or flat diffuser and adjustable measured value display infull, 1/2 or 1/3 increments. 5. Flexible ambient light measurement aperture or shutter priority preselectionwith exposure value display and additional digital and analog displayof measured value deviation from the selected exposure level. 6. Contrast range control measurement of subject and lighting contrast, displayof minimum, maximum and mean values for preselected f-stop and shutterspeed combinations. 7. Comprehensive flash measurement flash exposure measurement(cord, non-cord, radio) with adjustable synchronization speed, display of flashratio and Broncolor RFS2.1, Elinchrom Skyport and Skyspeed, Phottix Strato II (Strato, Atlas II), Calumet Pro Series compatible radio module. 8. Convenient wireless flash control depending on brand and model,assignment of radio frequencies, separate and combined triggering aswell as remote controlled flash power and pilot light control 9. CINE function for filmmakers determination of f-stop for film speedsranging from 2 to 1000 fps and open aperture angles from 45 Degrees to 315 Degrees,measurement of illuminance or luminance. 10. Individualized correction entry of correction values: EV plus minus 15 in 1/10 increments.Dynamic change amongst various cameras by means of presettings andselection of 3 camera profiles and a filmmaking profile. 11. Always up to date software updates via USB port. 12. Modern power supply rechargeable lithium-ion battery, charging via USBport and external mains power pack, display of charging status and batterylevel, approximately 8 hours of continuous operation without shutdown. 13. Extremely long rechargeable battery life can be extended to as long as 4weeks by reducing display brightness, with automatic display and deviceshutdown, measured values and settings are retained.

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Digisky Exposure Meter